• @xe8
    53 years ago

    The article is a bit unhinged.

    I had a look at distrotube’s video where he talks about being banned. Looks like it was because he got into an argument with someone because he was defending Trump, saying that he’s not a white supremacist. In his video, dt points out that the guy that banned him isn’t even black, as if you need to be black to denounce white supremacy.

    This article side-steps that and tries to make it sound like it had something to do with making videos about software like LibreWolf.

    The article also goes on to say “Controversial voices or dissenting views are often what drives change in society, sometimes progressively. We’ve seen over the years whose views get suppressed and by who…”


    Yeah… I don’t think defenders of white supremacists are the controversial voices we need to advance society.