… and I absolutely love it.

After my previous post where I asked for advice on distros I have tried Mint and EndeavourOS first as VM’s and afterwards I gave them their own partition and tried it on my real hardware.

Something about EndeavourOS just sat right though and I promptly replaced my windows install with it. KDE Plasma also blows me away with the amount of customisation that is possible.

I’ve spent some time configuring today but mostly aesthetic stuff as my hardware worked 95% out of the box. Some odd dependencies were missing for steam to work properly but I’m really not missing anything that windows had right now.

I’m curious how my uni workflow will look like now, but I’m sure I can make it work.

Thanks a lot for the support and advice you’ve given me. I really love the community on here.

I’ll get back to customising my bash prompt now. 😄

Edit: Due to popular demand:

I use Arch, btw.

  • @zwekihoyy
    18 months ago

    for what reason, though? the sandboxing doesn’t carry to steam installed games, does it? only steam itself is sandboxed afaik

    • @Zangoose@lemmy.one
      8 months ago

      I had a steam dependency on my system break or get uninstalled somehow. It was giving me headaches for a bit because steam wasn’t launching and had a pretty vague error when launched from CLI. I imagine using a flatpak version would circumvent a lot of those problems because of the sandboxing