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Welcome to ask a woman! Here you’ll get the advice, perspective, and opinion from women. Wether it dating, sex, relationships or what we think about men farting all the time, we’ll tell you what’s REALLY on our minds, and no, we’re not ‘fine’ come join and start the discussion!

If you are interested in asking women for their advice and so much more, then come join!

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Do you really think any self-respecting person would honestly answer such questions that generalise an entire group of people?

Hence the name, ask a woman. The hope is that you get answers that reflect the diversity of the population that the question was posed to. Unfortunately, the history of such subreddits is often such that what men want to hear gets upvoted, and more honest answers languish.

Just ask this in real life where you have to look into someones face.

Some questions can be considered impolite to ask or violates some culture’s norm. Posing them online gives a buffer. Sure talking face to face is usually more informative, but not always.

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