The original article posted by Science and Technology Daily got removed, so it might have just been full of junk; I’m uncertain what that article actually was about though.

People’s Daily states an entirely different claim near a similar time (09:19, June 15, 2022 compared to June 14, 2022 at 10:25 PM CDT (watch out for timezone differences)): China’s FAST telescope discovers world’s first persistently active repeating fast radio burst.[1] A much less exaggerated headline than the Bloomberg article’s headline.

It’s still western media though, so I wouldn’t trust them regardless.

Regardless, the Reddit hivemind is spouting brainrot about China.

  1. Here is the link to the source paper. ↩︎

  • AmiceseOP
    1 year ago

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    • AgreeableLandscape☭
      2 years ago

      It may well not exist. Wouldn’t be the first time the West straight up made up what China allegedly “said but then quickly censored.” Like, I can’t think of a particularly obvious reason to delete or “censor” an article like this.

      Maybe if it’s suspected to cause civil unrest, and they want to avoid that? Existence of extraterrestrial life is big news, and possibly disturbing and scary news to many. But in that case, why release the article in the first place? In English no less, would likely have involved a dedicated English language writer or translator, which would be a pretty conscious action on the part of the Chinese speaking press.

      Also, wouldn’t there be a proper scientific paper of the findings and not just an article if they did intend to publish it? I mean, maybe there is, and it’s in Chinese, but mainstream layman’s news coverage quoting a different mainstream layman’s publication (that’s conveniently been deleted no less) is definitely a red flag for the actual research not exiting.