Seen in Meta’s new Twitter competitor

    1510 months ago

    Unless there’s a massive data breach which affects them personally - though not sure how that would be.

    The only way to go may be forcing the mega-terch companies to respect user rights, which you’d think would be a joke - and for google/facebook/microsoft that is a joke, though it is interesting that apple introduced that “opt in app do-not-track” thing last year, where facebook shat it’s pants.

    • @manned_meatball
      2110 months ago

      The only time I saw a data breach changing user behavior was with LastPass scandal last year. Unless it’s literally the people’s bank account passwords that’s at stake, I don’t think most would care at all.

      I agree, regulation - either enforced by the platform or authorities - may as well be the only way.

    • @gkd
      1310 months ago

      The sad part is that option probably gives some people the impression like “oh Facebook can’t track me now”. Even though they were pretty annoyed by it I’m sure, they are one of a handful of companies that absolutely does not need your device’s tracking token to still track you.