lemmy.ml is being brigaded with anti-semitic posts
lemmy.ml is being brigaded with anti-semitic posts

They’re all sent by a handful of recently created accounts.

Should there be an admin approval system for first posts, or something similar to slow down such attempts?

Edit 2: The brigaders are coming from /pol/ as found by @gun@lemmy.ml

Edit 3: They’ve now been banned. Thank you mods.


You’re not talking about it, you are FEEDING it.

Its a tale as old as the internet, especially with rightoids and low effort trolls. They have no real ideology of their own so they compensate by attacking anything else they may consider counter to their ideals which they have none of. That makes it extremely easy to push them towards attacking those someone with actual fascist ideals wants to silence (literal psyops).

Anyway, these front line psyopped trolls feed off the outrage of their targeted audience and get off on it. That’s what the majority of these trolls are after and will eventually give up unless you take the bait, which many here seem to have done. In their eyes they are succeeding by wasting your time by arguing with them instead of doing something constructive with your time.

Schools should have some kind of trolling awareness education because apparently even after decades of this shit, people still fall for it.

Edit: having said all that, I believe the word filter here also feeds into their delusions of success by overcoming it with an infinite number of obvious ways.


You’re not talking about it, you are FEEDING it.

Feeding it would be engaging with the trolls. This post is just talking about the issue.

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