I just posted this in a comment here: https://lemmy.ml/post/112460/comment/110439 (link goes to the “What are your most wanted Lemmy features?” post in the “lemmy” community)

I am following up now with this new post, because I just found https://github.com/LemmyNet/lemmy/issues/875 (link goes to the “Community name in post URL” issue on the lemmy project’s github, under the LemmyNet organization… note github has 2 of those 3 pieces of information in their URL) where I learned that @dessalines@lemmy.ml has actually thought about this and arrived at (imo) the wrong conclusion. Afaict, they have decided that having human-meaningful in URLs is “silly” and therefore we shouldn’t?!

I am hoping they’ll change their mind!

I think having no idea what a URL is about makes for a really lousy user experience. When people send me lemmy links, I want to have a clue as to what they’re about before I decide to click it. Maybe I’ve seen it before. Maybe it’s a meme, and I want to look at it later. Or maybe it’s the answer to a question I urgently need to know the answer to. So, I have to click to find out - often to discover it is just a meme i’ve seen 3 times already.

Having the community name and the post title in the URL would make my lemmy experience much better.

In my opinion, there is no benefit to lemmy URLs being short except for in the rare case that you need to transmit one verbally or on paper. But, in that case, you can actually just omit the post title when copying the URL, as there would still be a database ID preceding it! (Try it with a reddit URL: if you remove the title slug and just supply the database ID, it redirects you to the post’s canonical URL with the slug in it.)

Lemmy devs: please reconsider this!

  • @edward
    2 years ago

    https://lemmy.ml/c/lemmy/post/XYZ123 as the canonical url would be best IMO. Then the title following can be optional. But post instead of p seems like a good idea, not too much longer, but helps readability. c instead of community is fine because 1) community is kinda long and 2) the single letter prefix for communities is pretty well established by reddit and among all of its clones.

    Edit: comments would then be https://lemmy.ml/c/lemmy/post/XYZ123/comment/ABC456. Really just take the current address and add the community name. Plus the title as an optional path segment for readability.

    • ghost_laptop
      22 years ago

      Well, that is the exact opposite of what OP thinks, since it’s not human meaningful if title is optional. Also I don’t see the reason why /post/ helps with readability more than /p/.

        • ghost_laptop
          32 years ago

          Ahh, I get your point, I think it could redirect by default to the human readable one but if one where to delete to only the ID should also work. Yeah, I understand the only title based URL part.

          I disagree on being nicer, since it makes the URL larger and it does not follow the same pattern as everything else, but let’s agree on disagree on that part.