Maybe you only see weird purple capsules moving around, but this was trickier than you think: Godot and Nakama multiplayer system is, nowadays, something pretty unexplored. You won’t find a lot of tutorials or utilities around, and we actually stumbled upon a few bugs in both of the tools whilst working on it (bugs rapidly fixed by maintainers, so a big shout out to them!)

Actually, speaking of utilities, we’ve written a few things on our own, specifically a library to implement FlatBuffers inside Godot. You can find the repo here and we hope it can help you as well:

So, is our implementation perfect? Haha, hell no! There is surely room for improvement, but it’s fine, it’s a start: because in the end it is something to (hopefully) pave down the road for our and future multiplayer free software games. So, well, see you in the repos! Or just around, between an update and another. Cheers ❤️

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