For transgender comrades
Hell yeah


Any Communist Trans communities online?
Recently I have been struggling to find any leftist communities exclusively or generally geared for trans people online that do not immediately demonize or ban marxists. Does anyone here have any suggestions for some?

I really like making these! I don't know if anyone even cares about them though, but I will probably make more things like this later. You can use this however you want.

[](/u/queer_bird) suggested this one, I think it looks quite nice. It's the Cuban flag with the colors of the Genderqueer flag. This image is public domain; you are free to use this in whatever way you want.

I just made this real quick. It's a little basic, but I like it.

stolen from @teenagestepdad twitter

Stolen from: u/coladict Source: Text: Trump tweet: "Transition to greatness!" Reply tweet: Already have, dickhead [image: stunning trans woman]

How are LGBT people treated in North Korea?
I am asking this because I have seen some posts in this community in solidarity with North Korea. I have heard before that trans people get reassignment surgery paid for them in North Korea but I don't know if that is true. When I tried googling it most of the stuff that came up said that North Korea was not the best for gay people and it didn't come up with much for how trans people are treated in North Korea. If you guys have any articles or information sources about the LGBT situation in North Korea could you link them to me, it would be very appreciated.

Introducing myself
Hi comrades, I'm known as Elda online, and am willing to help moderate and look after this sub :)

For discussion of transgender issues, memes and more

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