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*The engine simulates physics/discrete/firmware scenarios as movement of robot hands and joints.*

Western Digital is already working on an NVMe driver written in Rust
*During the “Linux Plumbers 2022” conference that was ongoing these days, a Western Digital engineer gave a presentation on the development of a controller experimental for SSD NVM-Express (NVMe) written in Rust and running at the Linux kernel level.*

*Across all customers, **Pingora makes only a third as many new connections per second** compared to the old [NGINX] service. For one major customer, it increased the connection reuse ratio from 87.1% to 99.92%, which reduced new connections to their origins by 160x. To present the number more intuitively, by switching to Pingora, we save our customers and users 434 years of handshake time every day...* *In production, **Pingora consumes about 70% less CPU and 67% less memory** compared to our old [NGINX] service with the same traffic load ...*

iOS Privacy: see what JavaScript commands get injected through an in-app browser
*... TikTok iOS **subscribes to every keystroke (text inputs)** happening on third party websites rendered inside the TikTok app. This can include passwords, credit card information and other sensitive user data ...* *... Instagram iOS **subscribes to every tap on any button, link, image or other component** on external websites rendered inside the Instagram app ...*

*For performance-sensitive back-end services, we encourage C++ and Rust. Rust is a new addition to this list. There’s a rapidly increasing Rust footprint in our products and services, and we’re committing to Rust long-term and welcome early adopters.*

Also, Rust (17.6%) got ahead of Python (17.59%), TypeScript (17.03%), Go (16.41%), and JavaScript (12.98%) in “the most wanted technology” category too!

`Overall, we think that this investment in Rust and WebAssembly has paid off: after a year and 37,000 lines of Rust code [ == egui, a Rust GUI library], we have significantly improved performance, stability, and CPU consumption and reduced memory utilization`

> Rust is one of the fastest-growing programming languages as it grew 234% in the past year

An update on Memory Safety in Chrome
*... we [Chrome security team] ’ll be exploring whether we can use a memory safe language for parts of Chrome in the future. The leading contender is Rust, invented by our friends at Mozilla ...*

*We are definitely excited about Rust! Its emphasis on safety, performance, and modern tooling all stand out. We're also excited that we could use one language across embedded systems, simulators, tooling, and web apps. We are starting to prototype some new projects in Rust, but we are certainly just at the beginning of this journey.* -- Asher

*... In fact, we strongly recommend writing new projects entirely in Rust to avoid data races altogether ...* *... We did however find two pure Rust races ... What issues we did find were mistakes in the implementations of low-level and explicitly unsafe multithreading abstractions — and those mistakes were simple to fix. This is in contrast to many of our C++ races ...*