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Can I close all buffers related to Sly in one command on #Emacs?
I want to close all buffers with has "sly" in their name. Can I do something like this: CLOSE buffer WHERE buffer.name LIKE '%sly%';

Which file system should I use to enable the version when I open a file?
I saw in the hyperspec that I can (make-pathname .... :version ...). I didn't see anything different on Ext4. I don't have to use the version, but I'm just curious.

How can I create automated tests for unexported functions in Common Lisp?
I currently use Fiveam to test exported functions.

Last year, my laptop computer went silent after installing Fedora 35 with Pipewire.

I have no idea about monero and zcash. I like the Tezos Defi ecosystem and its governance.

Linux 5.18

Can I force an s-expression to always be in one line?
I want to do something similar to ndjson. Can I force an s-expression to always be in one line?

No, she didn’t. I saw the client didn’t work.

When the notification doesn’t work correctly on my wife’s phone, it is neither iOS’s nor XMPP’s fault. It is mine.

Maybe they don’t want foreigners to get the code.

Yes, she did. I’m going to try @snikket_im@fosstodon.org’s server maybe next year. Thank you.

My wife uses iPhone. So you should learn Swift and make a reliable XMPP client on iOS, which always notifies my wife when she has a new message.

I agree open source must be a better choice. However, I guess the Chinese gov’t will prioritize Chinese business and acquire Kingsoft instead of using existing open-source office suites.

I guess they will use WPS Office, and it won’t be Chinese only.


ขอบคุณทุกท่านที่ช่วยเข้าไปฟังเสียง อัดเสียง เลือกประโยค เพิ่มประโยคครับ

Even if your program clones some data instead of referring to them, it can be still fast.

I always defined a function like below and passed a map.

(defn f [{:keys [a b]}] 
   (println a b))

So now I have choices.