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There are options for several cases:

  --remove-vectors      EXPERIMENTAL. Mask out any vector objects in the PDF
                        so that they will not be included in OCR. This can
                        eliminate false characters.
  -f, --force-ocr       Rasterize any text or vector objects on each page,
                        apply OCR, and save the rastered output (this rewrites
                        the PDF)
  -s, --skip-text       Skip OCR on any pages that already contain text, but
                        include the page in final output; useful for PDFs that
                        contain a mix of images, text pages, and/or previously
                        OCRed pages
  --redo-ocr            Attempt to detect and remove the hidden OCR layer from
                        files that were previously OCRed with OCRmyPDF or
                        another program. Apply OCR to text found in raster
                        images. Existing visible text objects will not be
                        changed. If there is no existing OCR, OCR will be

ocrmypdf does everything, it even compresses your pdf for uploading if you add the -O2 or -O3 flag.

If it’s a raw scan, clean it up with scantailor first. Also experiment with various --tesseract-pagesegmodesettings for best results. I use 6 for most books, 3 is there are multiple columns, 1 if there are multiple languages.

The logic of the article doesn’t really follow? It implies there’s no uranium just because there’s no profitable way to extract it in France and the US at the current dirt cheap prices. It even acknowledges there’s plenty of Uranium ore in Kazakhstan, but provides no data about it.

You could multiply the price of uranium in the graphs by 100 and it would barely impact the cost of electricity: nuclear power is extremely fuel efficient, even a price of 10000 $/kg of natural uranium implies less than 0.1 $/kWh of electricity in fuel costs.

Capitalist mining companies will never survey more uranium mines when uranium demand has been dwindling for the last 2 decades due to the anti-nuclear media campaign and the inherent low rate of profit of such a capital-intensive industry.

Well they could search the phones / computers of every Chinese visitor, you can actually be denied entry to the US for refusing to hand over your passwords.

Right now lemmy.ml doesn’t have an AAAA record, if the server has a public IPv6 perhaps you just need to add it. Make sure you’re binding to :: and not to

You could test by disconnecting your computer (not the server!) from the v4 Internet with ip route del default, assuming you have IPv6 connectivity. Do ip route show default first so that you can ip route add default via … later to restore your v4 access. If your ISP doesn’t offer v6 you’d have to fiddle with Teredo, but it’s worth it because then you have end to end connectivity with everyone else on the v6 Internet with no NAT.

Why no IPv6? I can’t federate from home without IPv6.

still feel sad about it sometimes when I can’t find some music.

Did you look in soulseek?