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Git is already federated & decentralized

In particular, this blog post is a direct response to forge-net ForgeFed (formerly known as GitPub). They want to federate and decentralize git using ActivityPub, the same technology leveraged by Mastodon and PeerTube. But get this: git is already federated and decentralized!..

I’m glad you enjoyed it.

“macroblogging” doesn’t come up anywhere, but yes, Friendica’s scope is greater than the others. It’s difficult to label the beast that is Facebook.

I believe I’ve updated the article since.

Thanks. Great to hear that!

A condensed, introductory guide to understanding the Fediverse and how to join. …

A plain English explaination for normies in 30 seconds. …

ForgeFed, federated VCS collaboration

ForgeFed is an upcomming ActivityPub extension for federated VCS collaboration. It aims to provide standard vocabulary and federated behaivour to typical project management activities like commits, issues, merge requests, and be VCS agnostic (git, darcs, subversion…). …

I feel you. I hate Windows.

This plugin adds Go language support for Vim. It includes: …

vim-plug, written by Junegunn, is one of the most popular Vim plugin managers out there. …