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Dude. My Site says on Google Lemmy. Even if I changed the title. Also it don’t shows anything from the content because it’s all java.

Seo ready?

Do you plan to get Lemmy Seo ready in the near future?..

But that’s why I like Lemmy so much. The Link Previews. :)

App Test

I am really close to get it done. Just iframely is holding me back at the moment :)

I did as you see. root@…

I am now almost done. I have directly installed it on my ubuntu server so i need to add my password i guess.

fatal: [root@h2835324]: UNREACHABLE! => {“changed”: false, “msg”: “Failed to connect to the host via ssh: root@h2835324: Permission denied (publickey,password).”, “unreachable”: true}

which line do i have to add in inventory to add the password?

Need help with Lemmy install.

First of all. Your script is awesome. It’s so fckn fast and absoluty simple and genius. …

I saw it. Thx. Nice work

Nevermind. There is a second + I don’t get this :D My bad.

I can only see the thumbnail of the video if I expand


embed function

Are you planing to auto embed content? For example if I post an youtube Video it auto embed into the post so you dont have to leave lemmy…