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  • As interesting as it is crazy. My experience was completely unsolicited. The podologist, a health professional, out of the blue, started talking about this miraculous solution and showed it to me: looked like antifreeze liquid. Discarded the comment, the pandemic topic was still fresh and a go-to conversation, so she went back to the CD as a treatment for COVID-19. I was skepticly interested by then, threw a couple of questions and she started talking about its supposedly scientific evidence. Then she used the word “protocols”, as if it was the most serious matter to her.

    She already had my number so, asked politely if she could send me some documents and evidence of the treatment and its protocols. I told her yes, sure, let’s see what’s all about. After treating my infected nail, a couple of hours later, a new WhatsApp conversation with lots of documents and videos appeared in my inbox. I was baffled, so angry too, fucking quacks deceiving desperate people suffering from all kinds of illnesses, just for the money and attention.

  • selokichtlitoLinuxLinux really has come a long way
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    Linux is boring. In a good way. It is so boring that each of my computers use different distros. I have Debian, Fedora, Mint, OpenSUSE Tumbleweed and Endeavour OS installed across 4 or 5 computers right now. Some of them still dual-booting Windows 10/11. Now each time I boot into Windows is fun. In a bad way.

  • Racism in Mexico is blatant if you learn where to find it. The trend I’m observing with Claudia Sheinbaum is that people in a good position in life expect her to fix all that ignorant of poor origin (this is AMLO) messed up. Claudia, after all, was raised well into the middle class and she has this not so Mexican lineage.

    Of course the opposition plays with the idea that Claudia isn’t even Mexican, but that’s just not true and backfired. In sum, the middle class is torn around Sheinbaum, but they usually don’t like AMLO.