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Others pay to harass Google victims in their DB with manipulative ads.

Maybe that’s the meaning intended

Yeah but somebody made a grammar slip. We need to enjoy this opportunity to restore our ragged self awareness at their expense

Good news for protecting children! Chinese children will now be harder to program and brain wash. CCP protecting freedom of thought all the way/s

Still less outrageous than the Xinjian concentration and labour camps

Chop alphabet as if it were standard oil

If I’ve understood the docs correctly, you can install it in many other phones

Its body is from google. Its inner soul is free like in freedom

There isn’t a viable alternative and that goes to show you how ducked things are

It looks fantastic

I got downvoted as fuck a couple of months agot when I commented on Reddit that iCloud documents were not encrypted. I replied linking the icloud website and this sing “–”, which appears on the cell where “encrypted” or something like that should appear. I’ve turned iCloud off during the lockdown and now I’m struggling to move everyting to FOSS ASAP. My iMac is still constantly pinging to Apple servers. Although I know it shouldn’t be worrisome, it’s something unwelcomed. FOSS, Nextcloud, Debian, Rasbpian, etc. have entertained me during the lockdown months. FOSS alleviates my paranoia, my constant grumpiness and it makes me appreciate the greatness of the human race

“A new Notes app, let’s see how it spies on its users. Oh, its FOSS!”

Benetton films. Every plot must include a the following group of friends: a rich white cysgender woman, a rich cysgender Navajo man, a rich cysgender Asian woman, a rich cysgender African-American woman, etc.

Can this laptop run freebsd with WiFi?

Would this laptop be compatible with freebsd? I’m checking the specs about “wifi card”, but I cannot find them to match its vendor against the freebsd requirements. All I find is “11ac, 2x2 + BT5.0” …

Imagine that there was a crisis and the rich people lost revenue. Damn, I’m shivering from just thinking about it

“How a global pandemic led me to open source”

Why is this /e/ any better than GrapheneOS?