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Workers from the lab could have sold the experiment animals on the market to scrap a few yuans

All fruit exports to other countries should be carefully inspected on arrival

  • When he speaks in public, he still has the air of an enthusiastic high school kid delivering an oral report. In social situations his gaze darts around erratically, only occasionally coming to rest on the face of the person he’s talking to.

the Lizard algorithm has yet to be perfected

“What are you doing, Mark Zuckerberg?” “Hanging out with Indian people. Thanks to the magic of Photoshop, I’ve been able to have a picture of myself with poor Indian children without running any risks myself” https://youtu.be/f41HOaxxTTs?t=58

Yes of course. The list is publicly available. The link can be found in news.ycombinator.com

This is great! I’ll give it a try

Try to Build a home server and you’ll never be bored for the next three lockdowns

Compared to 2021, 2020 will have been a fantastic year for Britain

Delete in one hour->problem solved

I only install software from those corporations on virtual machines

Apple’s business model is not surveillance capitalism, but they are a big brother watching every app you do and giving all your iCloud files away whenever the FBI has any interest

Yes, they do. They value privacy so much, they have become filthy rich seeming selling other people’s privacy.

The problem is not only the surveillance, it is also their purpose to manipulate your behaviour.

Better even: block every google script using uBlock Origin’s advanced matrix

Others pay to harass Google victims in their DB with manipulative ads.

Maybe that’s the meaning intended

@racoontoMemessand photo

Yeah but somebody made a grammar slip. We need to enjoy this opportunity to restore our ragged self awareness at their expense

Good news for protecting children! Chinese children will now be harder to program and brain wash. CCP protecting freedom of thought all the way/s

Still less outrageous than the Xinjian concentration and labour camps

Can this laptop run freebsd with WiFi?
Would this laptop be compatible with freebsd? I'm checking the specs about "wifi card", but I cannot find them to match its vendor against the freebsd requirements. All I find is "11ac, 2x2 + BT5.0" I've heard that freebsd runs smoother on PCs.