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Hetzner is a good company. It you don’t mind a few minutes downtime every once in a while to maintain or upgrade server, I’d recommended you to go with metalvps.com. It is run by a very friendly and experienced guy. I’ve been using his server for a while. Overall, amazing service, rock solid vps and the best support ever!

Onworks.net review
I just discovered this useful service. But I'm wondering about it privacy and security. Have any one ever used them?

I like Firefox. But I hate Pocket so I’m using Waterfox instead. However, Chromium-based browser is still faster, I think. Btw, I’m looking for a good browser on mobile phone. Firefox android version(both stable and preview) is too slow compare to firefox. I think Bromite or ungoogled chromium is a good choice.

This is my beginner project. It's just like Google authenticator, but works perfectly on your browser. I'm looking for your feedback. [Here](https://authbit.now.sh) is the demo.