The ampersand is pronounced And.

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Writing Survivor’s 9-Step Guide To Conquering The Multiverse

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Gives me a very minecraft vibe, like paintings made by different authors from the same world

Yeh. What I do about it is ponder about why I think a change would be better or more fun or whatever (or ask the person who’s suggesting the change). Maybe what I want isn’t the specific change, but something that I perceive in it, then try to do whatever that is. Like “I like how fluid the physics would be if I did A”, so instead of doing A, I try to make the physics more fluid. If I can’t think of anything, then there’s probably no reason to do it.

First verse of Bury Our Light by The Hellmouth Sunbeams translated to Entesùka

Entesùka [éntêska] is a personal conlang made by me. It doesn’t try very hard to be naturalistic as much as it tries to be aesthetic. In this post I’ll go over a translation I made of the first verse of this song. …

Yeah def. It’s kinda annoying how unflexible it is. If you look at my game totally not selfadvertising here you’ll see some physics things that just Aren’t Possible with Godot’s normal physics, it was very annoying to make even tho I’m happy w the result

It is very good. I’m not too happy with the way its physics work but that might as well be because they don’t fit my very specific needs lmao

I’m using Godot, I wish I could make my own engine but I don’t have What It Takes to do that

Asdlfsaldjkf yeah, I made it blue just for Aesthetics:tm: then gave it a cool explanation about how the chemicals they used to create it are what make it blue since that’s apparently a thing irl, glad u like it!

It’s a platforming game with combat and stuff. It’s very early in development, tho I released a demo on I just have to get a better computer and stuff so I can keep going.

"hey guys i discovered this cool thing come check it out" - Katie And

This is a little thing I created based on a world I made for a game I’m more or less making. It’s a discovery of fire. …

For the most part, learning toki pona is all about talking it and writing in it. Without other people I couldn’t have learnt it. This is mostly because the meanings of words are very community-mapped.

mute la, sina ken kama sona e toki pona kepeken nasin ni: sina toki e ona li sitelen e ona. kulupu li lon ala lon poka mi la, mi ken ala sona e ona. ni li lon tan ni: nimi li ante lon kulupu ante.