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ahh, nevermind, i got it :) really cool. now i can watch the project for new strings that need editing!

how “shortly” is “shortly” supposed to be when it says i should receive the confirmation e-mail shortly?

my husband is a computer technician and he always installs either ubuntu (for newer hardware) or mx linux on people’s computer when they need something other than the previous pirate copy of windows.

(also husband uses mx himself.)

i don’t like mx linux because i like tweaking with everything and mx makes it a bit too complicated to do so. but then it’s a pretty good option for people that don’t want to think about their OS much and just want to use the browser and the text editor, which is actually what most normal people do >.< and it’s lightweight enough to run on most computers, so that’s a plus for an ‘underdeveloped’ country, as /u/ajz said, such as mine.

so maybe there’s something in that: mx linux might be popular among non-tech people in non-tech places?

mozilla puts that warning in almost all extensions. in a sense it’s just a reminder that extensions aren’t checked by mozilla so you install them on your own etc.

i’m a new manjaro user after almost 15 years of using ubuntu. loving the simplicity >.<