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All I’m saying is that if there was already some development done on them, it should be repurposed and/or extended to support blocking instances as well.

However, while I have seen the devs talking about implementing blocking users and communities here, I wasn’t able to find an issue on github. (lemmy is also supposedly hosted on other git platforms, but I couldn’t find the links; maybe the issue is on one of them?)

There is currently no such feature AFAIK. Hovewer, there is already an issue about blocking users and communities, so adding the ability to block instances shouldn’t be too hard.

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If you don’t care whether the public-facing type is a struct or an enum, you could make the enum private and use #[serde(from="PrivateEnum")] on the public struct.

Narrowed it down to the Fanboy’s Annoyance list. It seems to be specifically configured to hide rss buttons, among other things.

Huh. Yeah, it appeared when I disabled the ad blocker. Thanks!

Where did the rss button go?

I’m sure it was there somewhere, but I can’t seem to find it anymore? It was here before

I was wondering. Does opennic support icann root servers?


What’s the problem with recording? Does something like wf-recorder not work?

Similarly, a combination of slurp and grim can work as a color picker.

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Have a look at these (depending on your sound system):



Sadly, there’s no wiki page for sndio on archwiki.

Is it that bad, though? The search works just fine (tested on https://invidious.snopyta.org and a local instance). The slowness is a bummer when using the remote instance, but a local one is blazing fast.

A real problem may be that it connects your browser to googlevideo.com, from which it gets the video contents.