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If you don’t care whether the public-facing type is a struct or an enum, you could make the enum private and use #[serde(from="PrivateEnum")] on the public struct.

Narrowed it down to the Fanboy’s Annoyance list. It seems to be specifically configured to hide rss buttons, among other things.

Huh. Yeah, it appeared when I disabled the ad blocker. Thanks!

Where did the rss button go?

I’m sure it was there somewhere, but I can’t seem to find it anymore? It was here before

I was wondering. Does opennic support icann root servers?


What’s the problem with recording? Does something like wf-recorder not work?

Similarly, a combination of slurp and grim can work as a color picker.

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Have a look at these (depending on your sound system):



Sadly, there’s no wiki page for sndio on archwiki.

Is it that bad, though? The search works just fine (tested on https://invidious.snopyta.org and a local instance). The slowness is a bummer when using the remote instance, but a local one is blazing fast.

A real problem may be that it connects your browser to googlevideo.com, from which it gets the video contents.