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It’s really interesting how far auth-left this community is turning out to be.

Thanks, I’ve been having trouble finding the COC on the website. Maybe there should be a link in the footer that would link to instance’s ruleset/COC?

I really don’t see why that person would imply lemmy doesn’t allow alternatives and then proceed to removing themselves from moderation 🤣

Modlog seems like a great feature: a secret stash of comedy!

is /c/lemmy_alternatives against the rules? why?
I was just browsing the modlog and stumbled upon this. ![](https://dev.lemmy.ml/pictrs/image/QbcyR1ur8A.png) Is it against the rules to recommend alternatives to lemmy? e: wow modlog is filled with some _interesting_ stuff!

Could you clarify on Poland and Bulgaria? Isn’t Poland kinda known to be awfully authoritarian and fascist these days?

Murdered by first comment on that thread

This flag is used because the only other flag was created by Lukashenko himself. People using white-red-while flag are not using it because they support nazis, it is the flag of independent Belarus.

These sort of conspiracies are qanon level of stupidity. Just stop.

I’ve been having a feeling lately that majority of people in power are just shitty corrupt people. The minority who are loyal to their ethics and beliefs often don’t make it very far :(

Seriously, as a communism novice and would like to explore this philosophy more I get turned off by these brainwashed shills.

I just don’t have the energy or time to combat western chauvinism

oof. How convenient! #greatawakening much?

because lemmy is invaded by Chinese shills that have never even been to china or even have left the comfort of their own 1st world capitalistic country but read some books and now are armchair conspiracy nuts about evil west propaganda!