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i read this thing. info war. just like commies did with capitalists. no 5 is the most interesting. no food in communism? obvious for someone who lived under commies ocupation, but must be shock for people who’s state was never ruled by the commies.

lol, you ever heared of cold war? you think that commies presented capitalist countries without manipulation? no. it was far more manipulated picture.

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kuba_toPrivacyThis is the way

signal’s ez, most friends use it. try xmpp/jabber :)


it was down for a while because they (libs) were afraid to say exactly same thing as trump did.

again - it’s just common sense, i had this idea before any american said so.

if you make your opinion on a matter by supporting/denying all infos from some particular group - that’s not seeking the truth.

there is no body to make such thing on a global scale. that is some start.

the discussed topic is an attempt to make 15% min. tax rate 😃

i don’t care about u.s. politicians fighting each other.

i’m interested in facts. from the day one i’m considering lab leak as probable origin of the virus. there is too much propaganda from various world’s powers to cancel any possibility.

it’s not a drop. it’s a raise.

its nothing to do with economics. its about liberty. north korea is totalitarian state, where the one who benefit are politician.

i live in a country which was occupied by the commies. trust me - even leftists didnt like how commies ruled my country.

usa and russia are very much alike, in some sense.

so you believe that chinese or russian inteligence agencies are any better?

why half ways? go to north korea. or is it just western, biased media? 😃

why no comments here from putinlovers?

yes thats what eastern media claims.

you havent seen proof, cause you think that western media are biased and russian media are honest. do you know that 4 russians was in a plane when it took off but left a plane in belarus?

let me guess - you have never lived in a country rulled by russians? you should go to russia or belarus and spend there few years.