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“if you have nothing to hide you have nothing to fear”, that’s just how normies operate

read your own last comment, you yourself linked chromium part of vivaldi, the same part used by google chrome

you may not like it but vivaldi falls extremely close to google chrome, open source wise at least

idk lol, shut talking shit about am*ricans

am*ricans will get DMCA’d no matter what they do

we need a ENLIGHTENEDCENTRISM community, fuck centrists

Why exactly do people here (at least that is what I perceive) turn a blind eye to the brutalities of an authoritarian government such as the CCP?

cause there is no brutality, you have fallen for western media propaganda

so true, how about we also not include google chrome as closed source in the classical sense, you can decompile and audit it after all

edit: major mistake lol

vivaldi is proof that you can have privacy-respecting closed source programs

🤔 that does seem to be the case, maybe i was thinking of signal (it truly encrypts all metadata)

all over the place, nowadays most accept it but some still reject and harass me

most of my contributions are adding code of conducts and educating maintainers on non-inclusive language using woke

xmpp encrypts everything, metadata included

it’s not easy and makes the protocol really hard to implement but it is possible