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i’m in CS now, but when i got into lignux i was just some dumb nerd. it was right around the time Valve ported Steam to lignux— this was the only thing that let me switch honestly. i’m not sure how exactly i learned about ubuntu, but i gave it a go— and i’ve been in love with UNIXish systems ever since. popped over to parabola for a couple years, then openbsd for a few, then haiku.

and now i’m studying CS, because of it.

EDIT: this is why i’m skeptical of the argument some free software activists make-- that proprietary software on lignux hurts the movement. it doesn’t. it brings over more allies who otherwise would’ve never switched to lignux, let alone heard of free software. someday the proprietary software on lignux will no longer exist, and it’ll be a beautiful day for sure. but for now, it is a necessary evil that’ll further our own interests.

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heck yea, I just wrote about the webring (https) (ipfs). add the html (or something similar) and i’ll add you to it!

removing “slave” totally makes sense to me, but removing “master” feels weird— maybe i’m just desensitized lol.

“allowlist” and “denylist” sound a bit weird imo. “blocklist” sounds better— i’m not sure what could replace “allowlist” though.

this seems pretty interesting! though i wish they’d do a bit more about the archaic fs layout than just killing usrbin. more radical experiments would be very interesting.

oh absolutely. companies are sociopathic, and everything they do is shallow, including this— but it is at least good that universalism is profitable. if people are subjugated, then there’re less customers!

or you can look at it like this: if companies are broadly vocalizing some support for a social cause, that means the cause is at least 51% supported, which means it’s winning!

oh, you already did? sick! subbed lol

i mean, the only real unixes are like HP/UX, macOS, etc. the term “UNIX” is just sold by the Open Group. why not reappropriate it for things that should count? (posix systems and so unixlikes).

i’ve been thinking on starting an ipfs webring (remember those?). the centralized web may’ve outgrew them, but dweb clearly hasn’t. want in?

i use it to host most sites on my server and for a file-host (filenames redirection via HTTP, data over IPFS).

if you look at the DNS records of xwx.moe, you’ll see how you can host an HTTP site on IPFS— redirect to a gateway, with a TXT record containing the hash. it’s super-cool.

as for everyday use, i don’t use it too much either. there just aren’t enough cool sites or blogs that are on IPFS, y’know? i only have five bookmarked, at least.

can confirm, System76 is pretty good.

but if you want a machine that’ll work with fully free distros (and thus basically everything, even obscure OSes), i’d highly recommend ThinkPenguin. their stuff works perfectly, outta the box, and they’re support is awesome.

thanks— it’s a built-in program list, deskbar.

nah, that might be overkill anyway, it’s a bit niche— maybe /c/unix would be a better catch-all.

oh my god, you should’ve seen their reaction to stallman’s resignation. it was fucking crazy! like I’m a stallman stan, but even I think it was way too much.

they also threw a hugee hyperbolic fit with linux’es CoC change last year. just a crazy website.

i really like the filesystem (BeFS) and the cool abstractions its attribute system allows, its message-passing system, how lightweight it is, great community, very UNIXy, etc.

it also has the most pleasant GUI i’ve touched in a very long time— everything’s snappy, cohseive, and sensical. i normally hate floating WM, and hate letting GUIs do things for me, but with haiku it’s different.

I created a community for the decentralized web and related topics.

thank god for the hug of death!

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