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It took them 2 sentences to go from “has allegedly taken” to “is literally selling out”. It’s important to keep in mind that most of what you publish on fediverse is public data and can be scraped by any interested party without paying anyone.

With Stallman, pretending it’s not clear cut is ridiculous.

The “not a clear-cut case” referred to Minsky and not Stallman. What are you claiming that Stallman is obviously guilty of? Because the discussion was on his alleged endorsement of child abuse and sexual assault and you linked to articles which make accusations based on assumptions and further dilute it with describing how disgusting and asocial he is. Your highlighted point in no way supports the claim of him endorsing such behaviors and comes from an interview, in which Stallman also states that:

I know most of the maintainers only through email, which means that I don’t know whether they are male or female unless their names show me. I just looked at the list: one maintainer is probably female, and a few others have names that might be male or female.

Yes, saying that no women contributed to GCC is false and wrong but it’s not a reason to exclude him from the movement or a justification for the CancelStallman campaign.

Sure - medical personnel around the world killed millions of people just to make a campaign for a vaccine because other therapy would be too cheap. Sounds totally plausible. They wouldn’t make that “incredibly effective” therapy more expensive instead because that’s not how free market works and higher demand doesn’t increase price.

Also that’s not what the article was about - it was about using similar technology for malaria infection prevention as is used by some of covid vaccines.