I like tinkering, fixing things, #freesoftware, #xmpp, #selfhosting, #smalltech, #lowtech and our beautiful planet

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@HiddenLayer5 OK, thanks. Feedback from personal experiences like that is immensely valuable. I’ll see what’s on the secondhand market in my area

@HiddenLayer5 OK thanks for the names. What is hardware video decoding support in Linux like for these machines? I had read somewhere that hw decoding support of most Intel chips was pretty good

@HiddenLayer5 @poVoq those odroid PCs also have removable RAM and 2 SATA ports. What models exactly were you alluding to?

@debacle @mattj @poVoq Those are some cool projects!
I need to get a bit more involved in deploying #xmpp gateways, there are some exciting projects currently going on

@poVoq Interesting to see more projects bridging #xmpp and #sms
Isn’t this to some extent similar to #cheogram and the #sopranica projects?