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"deGoogling" is misfocused to the point of counter production

Google has the reputation for being the big evil tech giant that everyone should avoid. It was well earned decades ago, but there are much bigger evils now like Microsoft and Amazon who get disproportionately less attention. …

Not sure how this works internationally, but there are provisions to violate patents during a health crisis:


They still have to settle up after the crisis, apparently. OTOH, I’m not sure we have a patent violation in the first place. IIRC, it’s perfectly legal to replicate a patent and make what you want as long as you don’t sell whatever you make. If these valves were not being sold by the volunteers, I don’t see how anyone can make a claim regardless of the emergency state of things.

Do Belgian residents have a legal right to banking service?

Since cheques have been eliminated, Belgian government agencies (e.g. tax offices) often require people to supply a bank account number to receive money (e.g. tax refunds). Taxpayers apparently cannot get a tax refund without submitting a bank account number. So the question is, since paying tax i…