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Now all we need is to be able to buy some Radeon RX 6000 cards at MSRP and In Stock

Very cool to see this feature in the pipelines.

I used to have maybe 10 50,000 photo libraries each, shotwell duplicated my google photos imports because they had different tags / meta – it stayed broken for a few years, finally I fixed it with fdupe. Seems like both shotwell being bad and google being sneaky to me.

gThumb is worth checking out, but for image viewing I usually now use Dolphin and if I want to browse meta I use the sidebar – I think they have a star rating column too but haven’t tried it in a long while.

This makes me think about how recently I was thinking about whether or not it would be possible to build a social network on Email.

Email really hasn’t changed in quite a long time, maybe it was meant to evolve.

Other technologies I would look into would be jsonfeed.org or building a reader on Gemini and splitting viewing images / videos to https and posting to something else.