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I got banned for “Non-Marxist answers” for explaining why Trotsky’s and Stalin’s position on internationalism weren’t the same. Those subreddits make me sad.

Personally, I prefer it to keep to the facts unless the story needs to deviate in order be coherent. Say, it’s a fiction about a soldier in WW1, then you shouldn’t write about how Lenin himself defeated the Germans at Verdun. What if it’s about a soviet boy in a world where, for some reason, the imperial powers looked favorably at the Soviet Union? Then by all means, tell me it’s because Lenin himself defeated the Germans at Verdun.

Not quite. One of the main reasons is that life is kinda shitty, and by having children you are condemning them to shittines. PD: I’m not an anti-natalist myself

XFCE for performance Mate or Cinnamon for the windows-like experience Gnome is probably the most resource intensive. In any case, depending on how long ago you had issues, it may be the case they have been fixed (unless Wayland is your thing, I think)