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(I’m sick of pretending being rouge, and furthermore, this empty comment will be the proof that marxism’s an instance of censorship culture, but, above all, it’ll be the demonstration, not the proof, of why I’ve got a own fabricated color, a thing that I own and choose to own it.) The most hated idea for me is the stupid assumption, and vastly supported by the majority of Marxists and socialists, that being no capitalist makes me a supporter of your causes, *re tarded dialectic I’m not part of your fought, there’s any side to take, there’s any synthesis; embrace the fire of postmodernism and choose one side from where you could analice everything. And, please, not pretend that you’re the victim for living in the obscurity, you’re outdated. The imperfect and fragile freedom has won. Update and ponder yourself, read your opponents and in the process poison your mind, because, if you’re a real fighter of the freedom, you’ll discover your own antidote for your foes’ and allies’ ideas. I’m pretty drunk, so ignore all, it’ll make me suffer xD.

wow, it seems we forget Spanish civil war, i wonder why the Spanish left losed if they have the mighty power of the greatest red country have ever existed lol it’s hilarious how we criticize an “enemy” who is like us

Developed but not applied in its discourse, isn’t it?

The CCP are the billionaires, and more. The richest persons in China are part of the red leviathan xD

I agree that internet communist tend to be influenced, if not controlled, by Maoism or the pseudo thinker Xi. But I totally disagree with rejecting new leftist ideas, the humanity evolve and ignoring current foughts is seeking for a world that doesn’t exist anymore. Equality treat to females is new leftist idea that we can’t ignore, there’s also all the critical theory that was developed in the first years of the past century.

I couldn’t agree anymore, but for this fixed postures there’s no a left in the USA.

Good news for our Cuban brothers! I don’t consider Andrés Manuel López Obrador a leftist politician, it’s intriguing that foreign media sees him as such.

I would add: “Marxist” tend to seek for theorical purity, so they tend to defend themselves by rethoric and to be uncritical of present facts.

I don’t deny there’s some value on this article, but don’t you think that there’s more rethoric to convince us of the lab theory implausibly than information to form an opinion?

No conozco por completo de lo que hablas, pero amigo rojo con delirios de paranoia, no nos marees con tus cifras y acepta la revolución que la gente quiere y necesita, pues la siguiente no será roja

I’d say he’s correct, he disapproves red theory for its application. Also there’s people who first approve communist before comprehend it, like Mao xD.

I’m curious. A group for discussing communist or for applying it?