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Oh, PKD; my favorite author. Such a legend foreseeing so damn much accurately too.

Nemo File Manager. Hands down the best. Full of all the essential features and no fluff.

Forked back from the original Nautilus when it was usable, I couldn’t use whatever Gnome nautilus calls itself now.

Forks can be very healthy for a project, looking at you Audacity.

take your spam elsewhere fuckface!

I think the barrier to entry is part of the fun. Like in the old days when we heard about the ‘world wide web’, it was new and exciting. For me Gemini replicates that youthful experience.

Lol, a classic of quirky 90’s interfaces.

Here’s a couple of screenshots of it. Check out those mouse skills…

Just a collection of my bookmarks

When I started with Gemini about a week ago, I was in a state of confusion. Here is a small curated list of my bookmarks, that hopefully someone will get use of… …


Puffing Billy - some nostalgia to start us off.

So, just to start us off, I have very fond memories of riding on Puffing Billy in the very early 80’s several times. …

Welcome All!

Hello All, Hope this Lemmy community takes off. I enjoy discussing all things Australia, but other ones on here seem to be carbon copies of that on reddit. I would like to avoid that by communicating with other Aussies rather than copy/pasting trending news articles. …

I agree. My laptop battery lasts so much longer without having to fire up the web browser. I barley look at all the rubbish sites I used to check; not out of need but by habit.

After visiting some of those sites, it was visually like being hit in the face with a brick, in comparison to Gemini.

Lets hope more people find a place for Gemini in their lives, from personal experience I’m far less stressed and actually enjoy browsing other peoples Gems.

Thank you for the comments on my capsule, it’s nice to know I’m not yelling into the void.

I’ve been using gdu for some time on Manjaro and it is super fast, nice looking and is just plain great. It’s kinda like du with more power. …

I use nano in xfce4-terminal. But I have that open within a screen type of program called byobu. In the other tabs I have a sshfs opened to my flounder account.

I run it through a spell check using hunspell, also on the terminal, what can I say, I really enjoy the terminal.

I have a write up on my capsule if anyone is interested, covers all of the above.


Ha, cool. I found my own post on here.

Hopefully that post on reddit will motivate others to contribute to Gemini, I’m loving it so much.