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Well Microsoft has Sigularity and a couple of others.

To this topic, I have to disagree. I mostly use Linux for work and personal use, but have a Windows 10 box for gaming. There is a lot of stuff wrong with Windows 10, from auto-updates to spontaneous reboots while working and wakups from sleep in the middle of the night, strange split between Apps and normal application, a store, and so on. I would have like it MS didn’t try to be so inventive and added these strange features and just continued to evolve Windows 7 with security, performance and hardware support improvements. I don’t want to learn a new UI every few years, that breaks the learned workflow. An OS should work as expected and just stay out of the way most of the time. Very few people care about the OS more than their Applications.

I am quite happy with firefox, but I still have chromium installed as well, because of its site translation capabilities. I do know that this is very questionable privacy wise and would love to have an alternative here, but AFAIK there doesn’t exist one that is comparable.

MAPS.ME is not on f-droid, however there seems to be a fork called Maps on it, that supposedly removed all trackers. But I am not sure how well maintained that is. Last change 10 months ago…