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  • billgameshtoMemesUncanny Valley
    15 days ago

    I doubt that premise. Neanderthals looked different, but not uncanny valley. Horror and fear may have been involved sometimes, but so was sex and competition… Neanderthals probably just looked like big chinless people

  • It’s more like, other animals don’t have breasts at all when they aren’t lactating. No specific sources to suggest it’s sexual selection, I heard it somewhere. I like watching videos about archaeology but it’s not my field. Breasts don’t really fossilize, so don’t think we’ll ever know for sure. Idk about nipple size, but yeah too small isn’t great.

    To clarify, I’m not saying specifically large breasts were selected for but that the fact humans have breasts at all suggests it’s at least a secondary sex charactaristic (like beards) and I don’t think it benefits fitness in other ways

    edit: Probably saying “big tiddies” was not the right way to put that

  • It’s true that it’s not proven. What is true is that human breasts are weird and no one is sure why. The theory I most support is sexual selection because it looks like it’d be good for feeding babies

    Many cultures even today don’t “fetishize” breasts

    I didn’t say fetishize. Sexual selection just means it ihas informed decisions to mate

    surely due to the production of milk that is supportive of the best growth for babies

    You’d think this but apparently it’s not true. This is why I think it’s a sexual selection thing. Some stone age dude probably thought the same thing

    if your idea of “sexual selection” was correct, wouldn’t every woman have massive tits

    Humans are the only animal that have big tiddies when they aren’t nursing.