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Ive got a compost bin, and over the past 2 years ive started growing a healthy amount of produce to reduce the impact of my diet. Aswell as being more conscious of the waste i produce. Im down to one trashbag a month now :)

Libertarian in the sense of freedom to determine your life as long as it doesnt infringe upon others right to do the same. Those people whove caused all this misery shouldnt be allowed to continue, and if that’s what the people united choose to do, then ill support it. Since they infringed on our right to freedom

I had internalized alot of what i felt about the world when i was a kid. I was suicidal for many years. About a decade ago i realized i didnt hate myself. I felt alientated from the world around me. I wanted people to have better lives, lives that didnt involve everyone working themselves to death for someone else to profit,and that profit killing the planet. to me the over consumption, and lack of empathy i saw in america made me search for something i could relate to. The more i read, watched, listened. The farther leftt i went. Im now some sort of libertarian communist.

I don’t really worry about news atm, nothing i can do about what’s going on. I figure the best thing i can do is gather knowledge.