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Could you use this on a desktop Linux to run android apps?

It seems to me that when you put something on a public part of the internet that you should assume it will be archived automatically by any number of crawlers. Innocuous things like the wayback machine on archive.org, but also any number of corporations or governments could do for whatever they see as in their interests. I feel that deleting or autodeleting leads to a false sense of security, in fact it might draw more attention if something disappears.

I think all browsers just use safari behind the scenes. I’ll take a look though , thanks.

I’m hoping to avoid a reset, maybe I’ll call that “plan B”. I’ll take a look at the debugging…

It tells me I need ios 14 for that one.

I came across this for something unrelated the other day. I might give it a go, thanks.

Unfortunately everything on the iPad is based on safari, there’s no choice 🙁

That doesn’t show up when I search. Maybe it needs ios 13…

It’s the same on Firefox. Firefox on ios uses safari, rather than gecko. Also there is no JavaScript console to see errors, that I can find.

Been using k9 for… well I don’t know… but it’s several years. Nice and intuitive to use, but many advanced options tucked away, too.

Lemmy doesn't work on my iPad
It's an older iPad and the website doesn't work on the browser. I don't think there is an ios 12 app for Lemmy. The website looks like the CSS and JavaScript didn't load, but after multiple tries, it's the same. Any ideas?

I suppose that would work. Or I could make an account elsewhere, make a community and make my main account a mod. Can an account mod on another server? I just pictured ending up with multiple accounts and having to log into them all. Thank-you 👍

Moving server
I might be over thinking this… I joined the Lemmy server that I’m on without much thought. I’m happy and it’s working fine. But, I have 2 ideas for new communities. One would fit reasonably well with the theme of the server, the other wouldn’t. Can I/should I move to a neutral server that would work for both, or does it not matter? If I moved, is there an export/import or would I have to make a new account?

Lack of official client - disagree. Is there an official web client? Well, google probably think there is. Microsoft also think there is. Apple is certain there is.

I do dislike the links on a separate line. I suppose if I were to invent Gemini I would have been tempted on markdown. I can see the problems with it, but it would allow some very simple styling.

And as for the privacy, it feels like nobody sees this in the same way as me. Laws to prevent tracking and surveillance can never work. It’s in a capitalist country’s best interest to allow it, and even if I could live somewhere that had legal protections that I thought were reasonable, the internet is global.