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I’ve given consideration to using NoScript many times but never actually done it.

Most of the ones I use have already been mentioned, but the Firefox Google Container (like Facebook Container, but for Google) extension and one of the various HTTPS-by-default extensions (in my case Smart HTTPS) are both good things to mention.

I’m currently using Sway (a Wayland-based clone of i3), but that’s mainly because my KDE installation is broken. I’m in the process of setting up a new machine, and I plan to use KDE there.

In the process of switching from Void Linux (a systemd hipster distro) to Gentoo.

Emacs. I’m not exactly an expert in it, but it’s much lighter than most IDEs (Eight Megabytes And Constantly Swapping indeed…) and I can tweak it when I want pretty easily.

Rust, Python, C, Lua, Unix shell if you count it, MS PowerShell + C# for work stuff, technically C++ but only the really old style (“C with classes”), and I also know a couple of BASICs for unclear reasons.

I don’t prefer to use them, but I also know TypeScript/JavaScript and PHP.

I took a computer science class and discovered to my surprise that I had accidentally learned Java by inference from the others.

The USA. I promise we’re trying to stop all this craziness…

A real 0 moment.

Gotta remember that last brain.

I made a community for it: /c/selfpromotion

@alexbuzzbeetoLinux*nix be like

Me: Processes are directories.

Unix: Directories are files.

Came across a discussion about it on the broader Fediverse.