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Hi, I haven’t heard anything specific regarding AOSP’s gallery app that we bundled with GrapheneOS.

We aren’t here anymore, this is not where to get support for our project.

Please check use our official channels for support.

Issue tracker: github.com/GrapheneOS/os-issue-tracker

Live Chat support [matrix] : grapheneos.org/contact#community

Hi, @beknofaknu

Thank you for this post and the insightful information.

Firstly, I’d like to apologize for us being a way the last bit from this community on Lemmy.

I’ll be catching up on some posts soon.

Secondary. Would be able to please share the permalink to the peertube video mentioned in your post.

Thanks again!

Hey that’s pretty cool! I’ll give your app a try this evening when I’m off work. Thanks

Lol, we always get one down vote every time. Think we all know who is doing that and constantly attacking us with harassments in their posts on other communities here. What a sad life they must live, full of anger and hate.

It certainly is. Super excited about it.

Live event #Pixel6Launch October 19, 2021 at 10am PT

Official Live event, #Pixel6Launch, is on Made by Google channel.

The Auditor app uses hardware security features on supported devices to validate the integrity of the operating system from another Android device. It will verify that the device is running the stock operating system with the bootloader locked and that no tampering with the operating system has oc…

Auditor app version 34 released: https://github.com/GrapheneOS/Auditor/releases/tag/34


Android Security Bulletins

Android Security Bulletins

Today we’re pushing the source to the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) and officially releasing the latest version of Android. Keep an eye out for Android 12 coming to a device near you starting with Pixel in the next few weeks and Samsung Galaxy, OnePlus, Oppo, Realme, Tecno, Vivo, and Xiaomi dev…

Requesting is not begging, hence the purpose of c/community_requests

You seem like an angry person replying out of hate. I’m sorry for whatever it is that happened to you to be this way. It doesn’t give you a right to attack, harass and bully people.

Edit: your behavior is very much like an abuser in real life that gets off on verbally insulting people for your own sick and twisted kicks.

Hi, …

AOSP Community

Coming soon…


Neat! I may have to give that a whirl here soon. Thanks for sharing!

That is a really beautiful home screen. Feels very peaceful…