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A good start would be ‘how to develop a threat model’. There are very useful guide about it like the one written by EFF.

Security planning helps you to identify what could happen to the things you value and determine from whom you need to protect them. When building a security plan answer these five questions:

  • What do I want to protect?
  • Who do I want to protect it from?
  • How bad are the consequences if I fail?
  • How likely is it that I will need to protect it?
  • How much trouble am I willing to go through to try to prevent potential consequences?

About Android’s security;

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Note: this beta release accidentally breaks glide typing. In the master branch code this is already fixed and beta08 will have glide typing fully working again. Sorry for the inconvenience!..


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I have been trying this camera for a week. The quality is really outstanding compared to The AOSP camera, and it’s already a good alternative to the Google Camera as well. Considering that is still in alpha, it is just amazing.

according to the Tor browser:

Fingerprinting is the process of collecting information about a device or service to make educated guesses about its identity or characteristics. Unique behavior or responses can be used to identify the device or service analyzed.

So, to answer your question, yes, fingerprint contribute to tracking. The only browser which really protect you from fingerprint is Tor browser since it aims to make all users look the same. The rest is just marketing and not real substance.

So, if you really need protection against fingerprint, use Tor browser.

Thank you for sharing! I didn’t know that client.

Blocking him is the best thing you can do. He is really a known troll, who has already been banned in other communities. He spreads dangerous misinformation, as you can see, and accuses people of being racist without any proof. Furthermore, he basically just a bully who like to harass other people in every discussion he has. As @ArtilectZed@lemmy.ml said, don’t feed the troll is the best approach.

This project is an independent “fork” of Firefox, with the primary goals of privacy security and user freedom. It is the community run successor to LibreFox

It seems like a fork to me.


Also, the “patches” consist in the removal of telemetry, which again be disabled in the settings or through the about:config.

A browser needs an high amount of money and people working on it, it’s not something that can be done by a few individuals. Forks of Firefox are alive because Firefox is alive. No Firefox , no forks.

Ditching Firefox for Librewolf is not a solution. Librewolf is just a fork Firefox. If Firefox wouldn’t exist anymore, neither would Librewolf.

Se questo è un uomo - Primo Levi

Il mestiere di vivere - Cesare Pavese

Nice project! :)

There is a very interesting article written by Snowden dealing with this topic.


The greatest conspiracies are open and notorious — not theories, but practices expressed through law and policy, technology, and finance. Counterintuitively, these conspiracies are more often than not announced in public and with a modicum of pride. They’re dutifully reported in our newspapers; they’re bannered onto the covers of our magazines; updates on their progress are scrolled across our screens — all with such regularity as to render us unable to relate the banality of their methods to the rapacity of their ambitions.

The party in power wants to redraw district lines. The prime interest rate has changed. A free service has been created to host our personal files. These conspiracies order, and disorder, our lives; and yet they can’t compete for attention with digital graffiti about pedophile Satanists in the basement of a DC pizzeria.

What’s the specific mechanic of those games? Is it more like a fighting game than an RPG?

It’s described both as RPG and roguelike since the massive presence of dungeons. The mechanic it’s a little bit different compared to the main games; you are not trainer. Instead, you’re a Pokémon but you can’t choose arbitrarily, first you need to do a personality test and then the game will match your personality with a specific Pokémon. In order to gain experience you have to enter the dungeons and beat others Pokémon.

Awesome songs, thanks a lot for sharing them! I wish the Pokémon community here were more active.

I also wish that. I was thinking to write a post on reddit.com/r/pokemon and ask them to add a matrix bridge at least. Right now they only use Discord…

I meant the reddit.com UI. I don’t like the new.reddit.com UI either.

Awesome soundtrack. I agree with you, SS & HG really are wonderful games. At that time i didn’t know about the possibility to visit Kanto. You can imagine my first reaction when I found out about it.

I will leave you a couple of soundtrack from mystery dungeons, maybe you’ll like them.

Through the sea of time

Don’t ever forget…

The UI. Really awful, it feels so bloated and uncomfortable. No, Reddit, I won’t use your mobile app.

  • encrypted database for passwords protected with a strong passphrase
  • encrypted database for TOTP protected with a strong passphrase
  • Recovery codes printed stored in a physical location

edit: If you store both passwords and recovery codes in the same database, it wouldn’t be 2FA anymore. If your database was compromised, a malicious actor would have directly access to your accounts due to avoiding 2FA since it could easily use recovery codes.

Yes, i’m doing better, thank you very much! Yes, i’m still in touch with her, and i couldn’t be any more happier about it!

My math teacher save my life. There was a moment of my life when I wasn’t living anymore; I was suicidal. At some point i asked her some help because I really was intended to commit suicide, and she was the only person to whom i could ask.

I unfortunately cannot remember what happened exactly, but I remember the way she looked at me, she was so proud of me for not giving up. Every time I think about it I cry tears of commotion, I simply can’t help it.

She is the most incredible Human being I ever met. I am so grateful I ran into her, she really change my life for the better.

Hi. Can you please be more nice in the future? I don’t see any reasons to be rude. Maybe I’m wrong, I’m open to discussion, but your point doesn’t prove anything in my opinion.

In software design, reverse engineering enables the developer or programmer to add new features to the existing software with or without knowing the source code. Different techniques are used to incorporate new features into the existing software.

Reverse engineering is also very beneficial in software testing, as most of the virus programmers don’t leave behind instructions on how they wrote the code, what they have set out to accomplish etc. Reverse engineering helps the testers to study the virus and other malware code. The field of software testing, while very extensive, is also interesting and requires vast experience to study and analyze virus code.

The third category where reverse engineering is widely used is in software security. Reverse engineering techniques are used to make sure that the system does not have any major vulnerabilities and security flaws. The main purpose of reverse engineering is to make the system robust so as to protect it from spywares and hackers. Infact, this can be taken a step forward to Ethical hacking, whereby you try to hack your own system to identify vulnerabilities.


Beyond that, there are different articles about this topic, including,

Reverse engineering is a process that hackers use to figure out a program’s components and functionalities in order to find vulnerabilities in the program. You recover the original software design by analyzing the code or binary of the program, in order to hack it more effectively.


After a while, I decided a write a short blog post about Linux binary reversing CTFs in general.


During a past job interview, I was tasked to reverse four linux binaries of increasing difficulties as proof of my ability into the reverse engineering field.


Thank you for your reply, is quite impressive! I agree with you. Just one thing;

Similarly, the criticisms I’ve seen of them are mainly about their “racist” views, their censorship of others, and their promotion of non-FLOSS software. Some of these are not light accusations, and they have implications for the interpretation of his arguments. For example, are they aiming for FUD for people to trust Linux less? Maybe, but I can’t help but notice that the criticisms levied against them are not directly dealing with the validity of their claims, but rather are about their personal characteristics and their behavior.

The reason why I wrote my first comment is because every time this article appears on the internet there are some people full of anger who spread misinformation about madaidan and/or miss the his point. For instance, some people says that he is racist. While this is a really heavy accusation, it quite obvious he is not. Everyone can easy check whether this is true or not by joining his community - which is only spite, he was never part of the nogoolag -.

Personally, I really like Linux and the ideology behind. I actually think it’s important to understand the possible linux’s flaws in order to make it better in the future. Being in denial mode is not a good approach in my opinion.

Again, thank you. It’s really nice to debate pacifically without involving hate. :)

Edit: he actually was part of nogoolag, my bad here. However, he is not part of the group anymore.