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Khan has been in jail since January 29, 2020 at the Mathura jail in Uttar Pradesh. He was accused of delivering a provocative speech at the Aligarh Muslim University on December 10, 2019 during anti-CAA protests…

In a joint statement on the coronavirus pandemic, eminent experts from the healthcare field, said, “Vaccines do not have any role in current ongoing Covid-19 pandemic control in India. It must assume that an effective vaccine would not be available in near future.”

- Avoid false hope on coronavirus vaccine, discontinue lockdown: Health experts write to PM Modi

For first time in 700 years, no 'tazia' processions in Delhi

Tazias are made in thousands in Delhi, but this time due to coronavirus, people are not buying it…

and sensationalized title at best. may be the answer inside is “surprise guys, Linux kernel will remain free”

26 Kozhikode plane crash volunteers contract COVID-19. District Collector, Superintendent of Police tested positive


The goal is to reduce misinformation, or fake news. Currently available to beta users only…

here is the list:

  • bat cat: bat is a cat clone with syntax highlighting and Git integration
  • exa ls: exa is a modern replacement for ls
  • fd find: fd is a fast and user-friendly alternative to find
  • procs ps: procs is a modern replacement for ps,
  • sd sed: sd is an intuitive find & replace command-line tool, it is an alternative to sed
  • dust du: dust is a more intuitive version of du
  • starship $PROMPT: The minimal, blazing-fast, and infinitely customizable prompt for any shell.
  • ripgrep grep: ripgrep is an extremely fast alternative to grep
  • tokei: tokei is a program that displays statistics about your code.
  • hyperfine time: hyperfine is a command-line benchmarking tool.
  • ytop htop: ytop is an alternative to top
  • tealdeer tldr ^man: tealdeer is a very fast implementation of tldr
  • bandwhich: bandwhich is a CLI utility for displaying current network utilization
  • grex: grex is a command-line tool and library for generating regular expressions from user-provided test cases.
  • rmesg dmesg: rmesg is a dmesg implementation in Rust
  • nushell bash/zsh: nushell is a new type of shell, written in Rust

pay the article a visit, and read more

Space enthusiast Shanmuga Subramanian, who found the debris of India’s moonlander Vikram, said on Saturday that Chandrayaan-2’s rover Pragyan seems to be intact on the moon’s surface and had rolled out a few metres from the lander

^The\ names\ of\ 20\ Indian\ Army\ personnel,\ who\ were\ killed\ after\ fighting\ Chinese\ troops\ in\ Galwan\ Valley\ in\ eastern\ Ladakh\ on\ June\ 15,\ will\ be\ inscribed\ on\ the\ National\ War\ Memorial\ in\ Patna,\ officials\ said\ on\ Thursday.\ The\ process\ for\ inscribing\ the\ names\ of…

thank you! here is the post: https://lemmy.ml/post/38274 . question: does lemmy support the idea of “megathreads?” if so, are they known by the same term?

COVID-19 in India - News and Updates

The comment section shall be used for news aggregation and discussion.

you’re correct on all other points - except gnome vs windows. it is possible to create hotkeys in windows, at least, I can move the taskbar to either side to save some vertical pixels. gnome extensions are version-specific.

gnome is so buried in their “philosophy” that “desktop customization” to one’s liking is strictly a no-no. and they completely disregard small screen users like me: no global menu, can not (i think) hide or move the top bar without extensions, and hiding application window like KWin can is unthinkable.

I like the power of KDE, I have a separate user account in my laptop that I use to log in to plasma and tinker with KDE, but what I don’t like about KDE is that I need to spend a lot of time to make it look good, and there are tons of options on every mouse click. KDE combines usage mode and customize mode together. that ends up making user experience cluttered.

but budgie appears to provide a stable DE with all good defaults with some customizability. for example, I am saving some pixels: https://i.imgur.com/bgfWmmD.png

oops! that’s discouraging. unix and fraud should not exist together!

elementary is a step in the right direction, and I liked elementary OS. but since it is based on Ubuntu LTS, packages tend to be outdated. their DE, named Pantheon, is heavily tied to the distro, and I think pantheon in AUR is not so usable.

i would like to mod /c/india. would you please sign me up?

I am interested in moderating c/india as well. how do I sign up?

Really looking forward to Serpent OS and probably a good DE

I admire Linux kernel, but not satisfied with most DE’s. Currently, I am settled with Budgie on Manjaro. KDE is powerful, but has unsuitable defaults and should have been named Tinker Desktop Environment. OOTH, I feel Windows is more open and customizable than Gnome is. …