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You can disable the auto fullscreen in settings. And while we’re on it, settings are only available during a meeting, it’s so stupid.

Someone mentioned web client, but it tries so hard to not be used. First it’s so hidden, second it’s missing many features my school requires me to use…

Anyway, fuck zoom, probably the most popular UI gore I’ve seen.

Honestly Element looks and works so badly it always scares me off. It’s so slow, the formatting is fucked up and the app is very unintuitive.

Can’t exactly agree with the seamlessness because federation as is is still more seamless than centralized services. I can’t post on Twitter and Instagram when I only have a Reddit account, it doesn’t seem like an option at all. Federation? Anything is possible.

Or imgbb, about imgur. And pastebin is awful too, use gist or

Same, although I don’t think I can convince them to use a different server. And I bet I cannot convince our IT admin to set up one on the school server.

In theory we use Teams now. In practice, it’s still Zoom for all but one teacher.

I had one small class in Jitsi last year and it worked… I’ve also tried convincing another teacher but Jitsi was very slow for 30 people, and some had troubles like, one of the students’ devices always became very hot during meetings.

Most of the class was instantly “UGHHH LET’S RETURN TO ZOOM” and didn’t want to consider it again. Damn.