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  • Usually when I update it takes no more than 5 minutes max, although I’ve never timed the reboot process. Note, it’s going to depend on your hardware. I’d say, though, if it’s been a decent amount of time, and you haven’t gotten any sign of it responding (after pinging it, checking the systems’ indicator lights, etc.), I’d probably plug a monitor into it and reboot the machine.

  • No worries, also to note there may be multiple pods as well as containers, so be sure to check those as well. Although, you can get a pretty good hint at which container is failing based on the application events log that you can first see when you click on the app.

    I wanted to provide some screenshots in my last reply, but I was getting an error while trying to upload them, hopefully some of these might help to guide you.

    For Application Events:

    Example of Multiple Pods: