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  • Sarcasmo220toLinuxBefore your change to Linux
    12 days ago

    Looming back it was probably Windows XP as the last time I used Windows as my main OS. I switched not because Windows was enshittified like it is now, but because the FOSS movement sounded interesting to me. I loaded Ubuntu on an old laptop, and once I got drivers working it covered everything I needed besides gaming. As I became more of a casual player I used Windows less and less until now where I only use it at work. It’s been an interesting journey.

  • You are correct that in our current capitalist system, the employees were in the wrong.

    The problem is the capitalist system itself is wrong.

    The Antiwork community is here to as a counter culture to the capitalist/corporate culture that has become so ingrained in our society at large. The idea that a person is forced to stay at work for their entire shift, even during times where there is no work to be done, is a problem. That is essentially where the term “wage slave” comes from, because while we are on the clock we lose our freedom to do what we want with our time.

  • I daily drive the Librem 5 and am typing this reply from the phone. The honest feedback (and tl;dr) is that it is a good device for those who value privacy over convenience.

    The hardware kill switches are a nice touch, especially on the camera/microphone. I don’t have moments of suspicion that if I have a conversation about a toaster that I will suddenly start seeing ads about toasters everywhere.

    It’s nice not to be bombarded with notifications to review their app, accept TOS that my data will be used to sell me stuff, irremovable bloatware, and some of the other annoyances we got used to experiencing.

    As a basic communications device it works fine. Phone calls (VoLTE) and SMS text messaging works, depending if your carrier allows you to BYOD and provides the network info. SMS can sometimes get “clogged” in the modem when there is a very active group text; but for me usually resetting the modem using the hardware killswitch, a 15 second process, fixes it.

    Of course the downside is a more limited app ecosystem compared to Android. You will have to search for convergent apps and flatpaks, but I have found everything I need through Flathub.

    The camera does not take influencer quality photos, but if you need to take a quick picture of something and share it, then it works.

    Battery life is definitely something to be desired, but I can make it through a work day with automatic suspend doing some light web browsing and sending some messages throughout the day.

    Since I mostly use a computer for web browsing, emails, and word processing, I dock my phone and use it in desktop mode. It’s not blazing fast, but for my purposes it is more than fine. Its actually a cool feeling to sit at my desk, start typing an email, listening to music, and then undocking my phone and continue the email on the go from the same device.

  • I do agree a lot of stories about “finding yourself” are like that (Eat Pray Love for instance). But to be fair in the Nolan movies he went out into the world with no money. Now, if he somehow formed another billion dollar company then it would have become full on capitalist propaganda, lol.

  • Take your time on any curvy roads, and pay attention to the signs that tell you how the road is going to be, such as only one curve or switchback.

    I missed a sign that a road was going to be a switchback and I almost didn’t slow down enough to turn the other direction around the second curve.

  • Sarcasmo220toMemesWhat keeps capitalism together?
    2 months ago

    Owning the means of production can also be seen as owning the business collectively. So in a service model business, like say a restaurant, instead of the owner taking in profits and paying the workers less money, all the workers split those profits evenly.