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  • ProtonBadger@kbin.socialtoLinuxThe History of X11
    5 months ago

    Today I was looking up how to do something in a game I’m playing, there were some videos about it, usual formula starting with “Sup guys!”, intros, ads for the channel, and fluff, “remember to press like”, oh and a bunch of videos that may or may not contain the answer.

    The answer could be written in 5 words, basically what key to press.

  • I don’t really care but I have a 512GB drive, a few extra GB of NVidia packages or whatever means nothing. I just enjoy the containerization and not having to give it my root password to install things. I’m not on an immutable distro and not having an app invade my core system (in whatever way the packager felt necessary) feels really good.

    I’m watching the immutable space though, once it matures a bit more might try it. openSuse has an elegant and simple take on it with BTRFS snapshots.

  • because it’s unsafe or something

    It’s one of those bits that haven’t been done yet. The protocol extension is being discussed as there are a lot more different use-cases than one would think and a number of ways to do it. Wayland is great but nothing is perfect and this is one of its weaknesses: evolving it takes time as we’re afraid of getting it wrong.

  • I’m not sure OP sounds like someone who into reading Arch News, learning about pacnew/pacsave, etc. that’s more for hobbyists. An ubuntu flavor or something like Zorin might be better for them and then stick with it and solve any problem that may show up.