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I feel like the question somewhat misunderstands anarchism. In an anarchist society, who is to say that a 100% vaccination rate is something that even needs to happen? If people want the shot they’ll get it. As far as distribution, that’s harder to say. It depends on how this particular society has organized itself. Under an ancap society it would be for sale just like anything else. Under an ancom society it would be distributed the same way that society distributes any other kind of resource.


Check out the guys website: kingofblood.com




Not without lowering the standard of living for people in the first world. That, really, is main obstacle for any realistic climate solution. A full billion people will have accept at least some level of reduction in their standard of living if we are to avert a climate disaster. Of course, when the disaster comes that standard of living with be wrecked for all but the wealthiest among the first world anyway, so it’s fool hearty to try and work around it.

Any chance you can take shelter in the storage unit? Might have to do it under the radar if the people who run it aren’t cool about it.

It’s good for documents and such. It’s also the only federated service that’s universal.

Let’s face it. Every other OS Microsoft puts out sucks. I’ll wait for 12 (which they might call 13 if 11 fails hard enough.)

What next? If previous genocides in history are any indication it works and they get away with it. Looking back over history failed genocides and punishments for perpetrators are the exception, not the rule. History is written by the victors, after all.

The fact that they can play host to tourists and useful idiots doesn’t mean squat. If North Korea is so free, why doesn’t its citizens have, say, freedom of movement to leave and come back?


Truly a bastion of liberty and freedom. I can only wish for the opportunity to be thrown into the work camps for having the wrong hairstyle or listening to the wrong music in the Oppressed West.

We’re going to have to make massive changes to our democracy if it’s going to survive in the modern world. As is, it’s paralyzed by crisis and undermined by forces in and outside the country. It just can’t compete on the global stage like it used to do. We need to shake up the electoral system. It can be done, but the political will and popular support isn’t there. Get rid of the Electoral College and shorten the election cycle by having one national primary about a month before the final election. Move to a unicameral legislature with term limits and without byzantine procedural rules. Ditch FPTP voting for something, anything better.

At one point I would have agreed with you, but now I’m not so sure. Cryptocurrency is outside the control of any central bank. It’s useful simply because it gives an option besides whatever currency the local central bank is peddling. Of course, that doesn’t make it the better option but by providing an option it under-minds the hold government central banks have over the economy, for better or worse. I don’t think it will ever replace our fiat government-issued currencies but I don’t think it’s going to collapse on itself and go to zero either. Technically speaking, it does have the backing of the El Salvador government which could pave the way for other small countries to adopt it as legal tender as well.

One by one, we’ll get all these classic memes and images moved over to the lemmy-verse…


Just goes to show the importance of decentralized social media. It’s (at least theoretically) harder to censor as it’s easy to set up instances.

Hot dog!


Another day, another blatant abuse of power by our American government. It’s unreasonable search and seizure as well as entrapment, ignoring the fact that they were also a facilitator of illegal activity while conducting this operation. I was listening to NPR (I know, I know) in the car while they were discussing this story and the way the interviewer was fawning over this operation without raising even a word as to privacy or constitutional concerns was disgusting.

Like a dog


I expect major changes and awkward synergies.

Android is already open source though. I don’t see how going to the closed-sourced iOS is any kind of improvement.

Hawley can go fuck himself. He’s a sellout to the Trump crowd and only plays at being a populist. God help us should he ever become president.



I think we can all agree

If we have to restart r/drama here we ought not invite Lawz…