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Thanks for sharing. Subscribed :)

If you have followed what they say in James Bond movies, you should know! The Russian are evil and they eat children sometime.

I’m not sure what separates BS and not BS from the article… Because from my point of view, some jobs as a whole are BS so it’s hard to get rid of it without quitting

If you put your To Do list in this app, you can procrastinate ad vitam eternam!

Thank you very much kind stranger for this explanation. The structure is now clear for me. I understand the usefulness of having different servers/websites. However as a user, how can I retrieve content from a server in which I might have interest but don’t know it exist?.. Also, it’s going to be a nightmare remembering of all password/account… Hopefully the fediverse, as you explained it, will make it more and more user-friendly. I had heard about it before, but did not get what it was all about. Now I do! Thanks again and all the best

I see that some people are asking the real question! If you heal someone, you lose him as a client. Better keep him sick and broken.

I’m on lemmy, but I’m still not too sure to still understand what a federation is. Sometimes I feel like I’m missing a lot of content…

sorry for being ignorant, but what is the culture series?..

un grand pas en avant pour notre belle démocratie. la dystopie globale est engagée