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Wow, really? Neat. I should create nosleep…

First, nice Flutter app.

Second, nice matrix app.

I was using Write.as for a while, and while I like it, the idea of data ownership for blogs seems FAR more important than federation. So I swapped Hugo and some cheap hosting. Couldn’t really be happier.

That said, I’m glad that they are around. They are a great little tool/product/company.

I’m right there with you. Master key, Master copy, audio mastering. Master means completely control of something, which is not an inherently good or bad thing.

That said, I kinda like allowlist. It fits in with Access Control List.

One of the constant issues faced by any social tooling, and I don’t want to say “network” as that’s not really a good choice of words in my opinion, is a “network affect”.

The idea of your friends’ friends’ get dragged along to use the platform. So far, every federated social solution has had the issue of network affect being near zilch with regular people. Meaning it spreads best through highly interlinked groups, such as the so called tech-o-sphere and the extremist political movements.

It is VERY responsive.

So, this brings up some interesting questions for me. How do we avoid the Mastodon issue of a lack of network affect?