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Is this why no one ever heard of various open source games even though they are good and playable, because no one pasted gifs of the game all over the place and spammed people with them?..

My local CSA uses old tractors from before they put computer stuff in them. I guess those tractors are pretty old. Then again, this is the north east so it isn’t real efficient farming, but we can easily grow local food.

Locking research papers behind paywalls hmmm. And that is why the occult and esoteric arts will soon overtake the sciences. Crowley was wrong, science will not win.

None of those reasons show any reason for proprietary software to be inherently any better than open source, it is just comparing a specific product or service to another one and not that being proprietary in and of itself has any advantages for the business.

Nevada is a desert so I don’t think people care about it too much. I don’t know how they are going to get water out there. I guess if you don’t like it you can dry out and be one of those sets of parched bones.

any links to youtube tutorials and walkthroughts as well as what doom engine to use. Actually, I’m kinda hating on using the mouse as opposed to the old keyboard in original doom.

Also, check out Anarch I’m wondering if it might be easier to mod that rather that trying to create doom iwad files. https://libregamewiki.org/Anarch

well, you can always replace the current graphics in open source games with zombies, and then we can necro them back to life.

I think we need genre specific forums like rpgs, fps, mmos, puzzle games, platformers, strategy, simulators. and edutanement (educational software)

Yeah, when are we going to get actual forums again instead of looking at the server owners old resume.

My cat does the sitting on the keyboard thing. They also sometimes like to sit on programming books.

Actually, that works, I put in 0 for my server on the client and it worked, I didn’t actually have to change the wograld code.