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I'm pretty certain this narrows down to about 90% of the issues we get at servicedesk.
![](https://lemmy.ml/pictrs/image/gSd0CetahX.png) (Problem Exists Between Chair And Keyboard)

Disagree. As said before, relationships aren’t build on political ideologies. Relationships are built on love.

Was writing a long paragraph but decided to delete it and start again. Short answer: in any relationship, just loving eachother is more important than having a position.

Long answer: Love makes you forgive and forget about the bad side of your partner when they lose that part of them.

Love makes you not care if someone is bad to you for a while because they’re struggling with something. Love will make you feel equal to both yourself as the other. When you have to make an important decision, you will come out with an answer that benefits both.

Disagree. The same thing could be said about Christianity, and about the Islam. Making such a statement as any religious person directly invalidifies your point.

Christianity has a great book on a healthy mindset and lifestyle, altough it’s not always interpreted right. The Islam tried to kill everyone who did not believe in one of the three abrahamic religions And statements like these are dangerous. People will stand for what they believe is right, and people are not going to convert to buddhism just because you say it’d be a better world. And either way this place is a shithole. People can’t trust eachother at all, and people’s opinions will always differ from one another, and that will always end up in fighting.

So no, big disagree, and think about what you say next time.

Haven’t had a smartphone since March, and so far I’m not having much problems, except for the Covid QR-code we can get post-vaccination. We can get it physical, and we have to print it but the site hasn’t worked yet. If I can’t get it after I’m officially fully vaccinated I’ll have to give them a call.

However, so far I’m trying to get my driver’s license which is an official document and it’s not very hard. Driving instructors will understand that I don’t have whatsapp and just reach me over SMS.

No bank is damn near impossible. You’re expected to have a bank account for automatic deduction of taxes. I haven’t had to file for them yet since I’m a teenager. Luckily we do have some privacy laws, and we can trust our banks.

I think it would be doable, but for the ratio of convenience to privacy in having no bank account is just too out of balance.

Honestly, LBRY is literally inflated with pure anti vaccine and anti covid material. I don’t see how many “Free, Unlimited Speech” sites will survive waves of antivaxxers coming in from reddit when they don’t have a central place anymore.

The sad truth is that these people are so into their own bubble of “Everything I see is correct, but everything stating otherwise is the government trying to convince me otherwise.”

EDIT: Also, I think that these people are just looking into Open Source Software as a way for them to spread their stupid, delusional opinions now that “free-use” software is “Owned by big tech that tries to silence us because its the government” or some stupid altright opinion like that. Also, if you’re one of those asshats, please look into the general social media algorithms, human behaviour and the target groups of ivermectin use before you call someone else a sheep or a dumb cow.