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I linked the CoC in the sidebar.
The instance is a general one, no specific topic, the main language is French.

lemmy.tedomum.net has now the federation enabled.

The TeDomum instance has now federation enabled! https://lemmy.tedomum.net

Spoiler: they all wash hands after.

Stop putting blockchain everywhere, it is getting ridiculous.
If blockchain is a revolutionary thing, putting it everywhere will never fix anything.

Looks promising.
For now, I deployed a OpenStreamingPlatform but it will eventually be replaced by something else since the owner doesn’t seem to care about docker and easy deployment.
Let’s see if Peertube streaming will do better than this one tho.

I like it, it is much faster on my laptop than plain old sudo.
I have some more in my dotfiles repo :)

Small list:

  • Xterm - Terminal emulator
  • Xmonad - Window Manager
  • Doas - A lighter sudo replacement
  • Linux - The thing that powers everything
  • NewsBoat - Command-line RSS news reader
  • Vi Mproved - Text & code editor

My favorite live distro would be Tails. Since it uses Tor, I can bypass the (rather annoying proxy) of my work. Also, it runs on any machine (even tho Gnome can be a bit slow on really old hardware).

Nice programs presented here. Didn’t knew about tldr.