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lemmy-lite, now with markdown support!
Just added markdown support to lemmy-lite! Give it a try here: https://lemmylite.crabdance.com Check out the code here: https://github.com/IronOxidizer/lemmy-lite

**markdown** *test* ~~1~~
**markdown** *test* ~~1~~

Adding user functionality will be very difficult as it’s difficult to handle user tokens/authentication without javascript. It’s definitely possible though (see gmail lite) and it’s the end goal for lemmy-lite. Once user functionality is implemented, I hope to release lemmy-lite as stable v1.0.0.

lemmy-lite: A light and JSless frontend for Lemmy - Alpha 0.1.0
[Test Site](http://lemmylite.crabdance.com) [GitHub](https://github.com/IronOxidizer/lemmy-lite) Built With: - Rust - [Actix](https://actix.rs/) - [Maud](https://maud.lambda.xyz/) Upcoming Features: - Post search - Markdown via [pulldown-cmark](https://github.com/raphlinus/pulldown-cmark)

+1 for Alpine’s APK. It combines the best features of apt and pacman.

Not an opensource alternative but atleast it’s a noscript friendly https://mobile.facebook.com/

Ahhh, AwesomeWM. That flew over my head the first time.

Was planning on using Sway but My desktop uses a Nvidia GPU so Wayland is out of the question.

Yes this is running on a 32G USB - **Distro**: Alpine Linux (Edge x64) - **WM** i3 - **File Manage**: NNN - **Editor**: NeoVim - **Status Bar**: i3bar + i3status-rs - **Font**: Fira Nerd Mono